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Welcome Back

I first heard about medication-caused nutrient depletion while attending a conference in 2009, despite having practiced medicine for eight years as an MD. I’d quickly discovered that vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by common medications were widespread, debilitating and easily preventable. The “ah ha” moment was that the understanding of these depletions had major ramifications for providers and patients. I decided that the data could be put into a user-friendly database and set out to create Mytavin as a point-of-care resource for my own practice, as well as all practitioners to learn about and teach their patients the potential role of nutrient depletion.

Mytavin 2009-2020
Mytavin in its original form, 2009-2020

The tool rapidly became a staple in many medical practices and teaching programs, as well as a favorite resource for patients who were being prescribed medications to help them better understand and possibly head off side effects. I received much positive feedback and continued to update the platform over time to fulfill every possible request until competing priorities began to get the best of my available time.

But, Mytavin has remained ever-present in my mind and the original vision has only grown larger.

In early 2020, I committed to rebuilding Mytavin. I recruited a team of licensed medical professionals (dubbed “Mytavin’s Medical Review Board”) to completely revamp our database in an effort to provide unparalleled accuracy.

We utilized a calculated approach for determining the inclusion of studies while keeping the easy to use “at a glance” approach that users love about Mytavin. We wanted referenced studies and research available, but not to affect the ease of use at the point of care.

Since then, the members of our Medical Review Board have been pouring over thousands of medical studies, as well as assigning an evidence ‘grade’ based on how a study was conducted so that the user can determine the quality of the evidence. We’ve also summarized the findings of the studies so the information is quick to access and base clinical decisions on.

To top it off, we revamped the platform’s user interface to make it easier to use on any device while streamlining the search experience and adding a blog, with accompanying newsletter to provide the latest research and updates directly to you.

This is just the beginning. The vision has only grown larger and rebuilding Mytavin’s core tool is only the first of many steps towards delivering a better clinical decision making tool to providers.

I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey, but not merely as a silent partner. Consider Mytavin your tool; with your feedback we can shape it into something truly worthy of the users who depend on it.

Thank you and welcome back!

Dr. Jeff Gladd, MD