more than half
of americans take meds


Lower Risk Meds

Not all medications individually have been fully examined in clinical or laboratory trials for nutrient deficiency. Because of this, often in the Mytavin calculator a class effect has been extrapolated to alert users to potential nutrient deficiency risk since medications that act similarly have been shown to deplete.

There are also newer agents that were based on older medications that may not pose as significant of a risk to nutrient depletion. A notation in the results section will display if this is the case. Know that in these cases the deficiency risk is still a concern, but total amounts of medication, newer versions of the medications or recent studies have lower the risk of depletion. A good example of this is the newer oral contraceptives. They are now using smaller doses than previously and all of our data relies on older trials of higher-dosed hormones. Users of these medications should still consider the potential for nutrient deficiency, but know that it may not be as large of a risk.

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