Case Study 3

Birth Control

A young lady is put on oral contraceptives by her physician for heavy and painful periods. This seems to help quite a bit and now she is getting married and is not yet ready to start a family so she remains on it for several more years. Over the course of her therapy, she is continues to deplete the body of several very important nutrients unbeknownst to her and now she may be suffering from:

  • Migraines as a product of Riboflavin depletion
  • Depression as a product of B12 and B6 depletion
  • Hair loss due to Zinc depletion

See how important understanding the potential deficiencies that come from our common medications is? Similar cases are seen by doctors several times a day and rarely is nutrient depletion considered. There are few easier, less side effect promoting, cheaper ways of protecting and recovering health in the face of taking medications.

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