Case Study 1


Let's say a patient sees his doctor after some routine bloodwork. His blood sugar is elevated and he has a family history of diabetes. In order to bring the blood sugar down, he is placed on Glucophage (metformin).

The known nutrient depletions from taking metformin are vitamin B12 and folic acid. So, let's say our patient takes his medication faithfully for 5 years and does not take any extra B12 or folic acid to protect his extra losses. His blood sugar has been under great control but now he is suffering from numbness and burning pain in his legs (neuropathy) and feels very irritable. His doctor puts him on Neurontin (gabapentin) for the nerve pain thinking it is diabetic neuropathy (even though his blood sugars have been controlled) and Zoloft for the irritable feeling.

What if the neuropathy and irritability were by-products of the depletion of B12 and folate, respectively? Rather than load up with two more medications that will deplete even more nutrients, this could have been prevented by taking supplemental B12 and folic acid to protect himself while his medication managed his diabetes and he remains taking one drug.

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