more than half
of americans take meds


The Mytavin Story

The concept behind Mytavin and the Mytavin calculator came to me during a nutrition conference in 2009. This was the first time I had heard drug-induced nutrient depletion. The significance of vitamin and mineral deficiency caused by meds in a society that is overmedicated is astounding. Many common everyday meds are big drivers of nutrient loss. Combine this with the vast and disabling amount of symptoms caused by nutrient deficiency and the need for the medical profession and patients both to understand and respect this is huge.

In the past 5 years, since shifting my entire philosophy of healthcare, I have discovered a passion and talent for creating technologies and have been looking for an opportunity to create and launch some type of health-based start-up. I got the bug when I helped found and run (now a part of Discovery Health). I eventually realized there is currently no user-friendly way for people to find out what nutrients they may be lacking. Entrepreneurial lesson number 1: Create a solution to a problem. I sat on the idea of the calculator for over a year, launched my Integrative Medicine practice to free myself from being an employee and to set the stage for being able to spend time on creating a calculator.

With my idea spinning gears in my head for a year, several things happened over the course of one week. I listened to a great lecture from Zach Klein, creator of Vimeo with the take home message being: Start small and simple, see how people interact with your product and enhance it from there. But just get started. Two days later I got a nudge from Tim Ferriss when I watched a video about inspiring entrepreneurs to start their dreams. So the next week, I came up with a name, talked to Erica my project manager about getting started, found Kevin through a connection between our wives and two months later, Entreprenuerial lesson number 2: The best way to get started is to just get started.

Why Mytavin (my-tah-vin)?

After listening to Zach Klein, who has been involved in companies like Vimeo and Boxee, and realizing that a couple years ago no one knew what a Twitter, Zynga or Groupon were; I challenged myself to make up a new word. I tried combining "vitamin" or "nutrient" with "calculator". My wife would not let me call this new tool The Vitrator (can't imagine why). So the same week I got nudged to start thinking about how Vimeo uses 'me' and tried to figure out how I could work 'me' or 'my' into it. So I flipped the v and m of vitamin and came up with Mytavin. I liked it right away. My wife liked it right away. Then I wrote it down for my 7-year old son to read and he pronounced it properly. I asked him what the first thing that popped into his head was. When he answered, "Vitamin" I knew I struck gold. The final confirmation: the url was free. Bought it that day. Mytavin was born.

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