Follow the steps below to use the Mytavin Calculator. Click on the images to view larger versions.

Step 1: To calculate your nutrient needs, simply type the name of your medication(s) in the white box. Or, you can click on the "symptoms" tab and enter the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Step 2: If you'd like to remove a medication from your list, hover over the blue check mark next to the medication. It will allow you to delete it when clicking the 'x'. Once you've added your medications, click on the "calculate" button.

Step 3: This is your results page. In the first column you can see the list of nutrients being depleted in descending order. In this example, folic acid is the most concerning depleted nutrient, followed by B12, then phosphorus, and so on. The second column shows symptoms that may result from being depleted of each specific nutrient.

Step 4: Where did we come up with this stuff? Well, we'll show you. In the third column, you'll notice the small blue numbers. These are links to the research articles that validate a connection between the medication you're taking and the nutrient depletion.

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