Jeffrey Gladd, MD

In 2006, I was 50 pounds heavier, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), trying to stamp out disease with my prescription pad and generally just unhappy. Now I am lighter, cleaner, love partnering with patients on their path to optimal health, and can't get enough of being an entrepreneur.

I run GladdMD, an integrative medical practice, speak and mentor other providers on getting out on their own in practice, help with the Hello Health platform, and started Mytavin with a simple idea in 2009.

I love to be with my wife and kids. I coach and play baseball. Love fishing, mountain biking and travelling.

Went to Indiana University School of Medicine, trained in Family Medicine at Ball Memorial Hospital and graduated from the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

You can learn more about Dr. Gladd by reading his blog.

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